Testimonials from current & past students.

"I would highly recommend Kieran as a guitar teacher for children and adults alike. He is a patient, encouraging instructor who demonstrates enthusiasm and passion towards both his music and students in a comfortable and professional environment. Thanks Kieran for helping our daughter follow her dreams" - Michelle

"Kieran is an excellent, caring teacher who guides you to pleasing and tangible results" - Amelia.

"Essendon Guitar has been running online classes during lockdown which have been fabulous. The teachers Keiran and Jeremy are awesome, really professional, engaging and encouraging. Highly Recommended." - Fiona

"Kieran's genuine passion for his craft creates the perfect learning environment. His guitar lessons are always a positive experience! He is encouraging & knowledgeable & his friendly advice makes learning guitar fun! Being in a group lesson offers the chance to further improve your skills along with your peers. We cannot recommend him enough!" - Kathleen & Hannah

"I would like to thank Darcy for his patience and everything that he has taught me. Darcy is a great teacher, he made my lessons very enjoyable and always made the effort to make the learning process as easy as possible." Ira

"My son have had the pleasure of learning and playing Guitar with Kieran at the Essendon Guitar for almost 18 months now. Within that time, he has improved his playing considerably, and always had a great and quality time in doing so. Kieran’s knowledge of Guitar makes him an excellent person to learn from, he can easily identify and rectify any problematic playing techniques. Kieran's passion for guitar playing and music lend him his patience and ability to teach all age groups. Kieran is also a great and kind person, and is always interested in hearing what his students are up and doing outside of the guitar classroom. If you are interested in learning guitar, improving your guitar playing skills, playing along in Jam sessions with others, or pretty much anything else on guitar related, I would highly recommend Kieran and Essendon Guitar." - Jey

"Kieran began teaching my granddaughter guitar in 2015. He has been very encouraging and patient with her and is providing a well structured learning program. Each week she enjoys going to lessons and is feeling a sense of achievement. I am surprised at how quickly she is progressing under Kieran's gentle guidance." - Robbie

"I have found using the Practice Portal most helpful especially to help you if you're stuck and need to hear a particular riff. Also playing along with the songs is great, listening to the backing track while you practice on lead and vice versa is a big help!" - Ross

"My son has a very supportive teacher at Essendon Guitar. He is able to provide different approaches to help my son understand each exercise as he learns, I am amazed at how much he has improved in such a short time, thanks very much!" - Eiko

"I thoroughly recommend Essendon Guitar. This guitar school provides for all age groups from young children to retirees, and for all ability levels, from beginners to accomplished players wishing to upgrade their skills. I know this because I've seen the teachers and students in action for the past two years. I've seen young children come out of class excited that they've shown their teacher what they've accomplished. I've seen the pride on the faces of their parents. This is especially so when their child is awarded Student of the Month and their photo may be put on Instragram. Then there's the adults who wish they'd learnt as kids, but didn't, and so are beginning their first classes in their 20s, 30's or 40s. Im my case, I was an avid player in my teenage years. I don't know why I didn't keep playing, but eventually I went back. My teacher is Darcy. Darcy is very accomplished, patient and encouraging. He's interested in a diverse range of songs and guitar styles and is open to suggestions. My classes with him are fun as well as a learning experience. My daughter found the same. So.... if you're thinking of guitar lessons, I recommend you think of Essendon Guitar." - Lea

"I started with Essendon Guitar a year ago now and it has been a fantastic experience! I can't believe how far I've progressed as I don't have a musical bone in my body. Tim is my teacher and he has been very patient with me. If anyone is thinking of learning guitar as a career or even just for fun (like me), I highly recommend you give Kieran a call. Thank Kieran, Tim and the team!" - Nicole

"Jeremy is an excellent teacher. I couldn't ask for anyone better - it's like he can read my mind on what and how I want to learn. He knows how to teach, explain and also how to improve my skills, I am extremely happy with his teaching, and because of his lessons I'm eager to keep learning for years to come!" - Corrine

"Kieran is prepared and works hard to tailor each lesson to your requirements. He makes learning guitar fun and I have progressed much faster while learning with him" - Tom.

"Kieran has a gentle, positive and very patient teaching style which has really suited my 7 year old daughter. The structure of the lessons is logical and sequential and I have loved watching her build upon skills learnt each week. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kieran's guitar lessons to anyone" - Naomi.

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  • Professional tutoring and well structured for all ages. My daughter (she is 12 years old), has been attending for over 2 years, thoroughly enjoys it and has learnt so much throughout this time. Highly recommended!

    Karoline Cerin Avatar Karoline Cerin
    August 11, 2017
  • My daughter really enjoyed this guitar lessons now. I really need to give big thanks our guitar lessons teacher Kieran. He is so patient and made class easy and fun. I strongly recommend this guitar lessons!

    Jessica Chi Avatar Jessica Chi
    May 10, 2018
  • Started guitar lessons and Luke is a fantastic teacher. Im having a great time and recommend Essendon guitars for anyone who wants to learn, no matter of age ���

    Nisi Menelaou Avatar Nisi Menelaou
    July 5, 2018
  • My daughter loves her guitar lessons with Nick � He’s very patient with her and is a great teacher! Awesome place, highly recommend �

    Lina McKinnon Avatar Lina McKinnon
    December 17, 2017
  • Both my 11yo son and 8yo daughter attend guitar lessons at Essendon guitar. They have been going for 12 months now and both have come a long way. Nick is their teacher, and he has a great rapport with his students. Highly recommend guitar lessons at Essendon guitar. Great job guys!

    Anthony Cochran Avatar Anthony Cochran
    June 6, 2018

"As someone who has taken up learning guitar later in life, I've been rapt in the way Kieran has gone about teaching me. His well structured program and excellent teaching methods have really set me on my way. Kieran is also a very pleasant and patient teacher and I look forward to my lesson with him every week" - Anton.

"My son found using the Essendon Guitar Practice Portal very helpful. Playing his guitar along with the songs and listening to the backing track is a big for him to practice his strumming and riff skills. He loves and enjoys playing his guitar using the very structured practice portal by Kieran and team at Essendon Guitar" – Jey. 

"Kieran has been teaching my daughter Olivia from scratch this year. Kieran is friendly, reliable, patient and encouraging. He is a great mentor for Olivia and she looks forward to going to her guitar lesson every week." - Nicole.

'My 9yr old son has been learning guitar for a year and a half. As a school teacher myself, I'm extremely happy with Kieran's patience and encouraging nature. Kieran also allows me to sit in on the lesson, which I believe is important. My son has learnt so much and looks forward to his lessons.' - Rebecca

"Kieran is patient and knowledgeable.  He has guided me through reading music as well as guitar techniques." - Veronica

"The teachers at Essendon Guitar are patient, supportive and able to provide a solid and systematic approach to learning and mastering guitar theory and techniques. As an adult student, relatively new to guitar theory, I appreciated that each lesson built on from the last and had me finishing with not only practical exercises but also songs that I knew and enjoyed to work on between lessons. Before too long I had a set of songs I could happily play for my enjoyment (or friends and family!). I also took part in some weekend jams alongside other students where we could work on songs as a duo while improving our jamming skills! Thanks Kieran & team, what I have learned with you now provides me hours of pleasure and pride!" - Kevin 

"I started with Essendon Guitar a year ago & since then have experienced my love for music. My instructor Jeremy is patient, understanding, humble & down to earth. He is well experienced, talented, focused, patient & ready to do what it takes to help me progress successfully. I have come a long way since my very first lesson & have never looked back. He makes me feel like I could accomplish anything with his help. Kieran is unique, motivated & always willing to help in any way possible. He is inspiring & good hearted person. His down to earth personality made me feel comfortable from day one. I look forward to my lesson each week because both Jeremy & kieran are 'THE BEST" any student could have. Am thrilled to be one of their students learning more & more each week. God Bless you both." - Corrine

"My son has been a student at Essendon Guitar for a few years. With no guitar knowledge or experience he has learnt so much in this short time. His teacher Kieran is extremely patient, always encouraging and welcoming. The lessons are fun and my son really enjoys them." - Rebecca

"Nick has been teaching my son for 2 years now, and it's great to see the week by week improvements made. Nick is an enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable teacher" - Amanda

"I was given some lessons at the Essendon Guitar School as a birthday present. By the time I attended my final session 6 weeks later, I was hooked. I have continued taking lessons and Kieran has guided me through all the basic requirements. He sets challenges each week that are difficult but achievable. Lessons are enjoyable and I receive great feedback.
As a 67-year-old retiree I never thought that I could play a musical instrument, but under Kieran’s tuition I can now read music and guitar tabs, strum chords and play tunes. It continues to be a fantastic journey. " - Robert

"My daughter is 9 and she started her guitar lessons a few months ago for the first time and looks forward to her classes each week. I am amazed at how quickly she has picked up on her knowledge, a great credit to her music teacher Kieran. he is great at understanding the needs of his clients, and the pace and methods of his teachings have ensured great results. Location and price are very suitable, and Kieran is always accommodating and prompt when we need to change our regular lesson time. I recommend him to all." - Karoline.

"My son Zac looks forward to his guitar lessons with Nick every week. Nick really brings out the inner musician in him. Can't believe how quickly Zac has progressed in such a short time, I highly recommend him!" - Lisa

"Kieren runs a great guitar school, and Tim is an excellent teacher. My 8yr old has learned a lot in his first year despite covid interruptions (the switch to virtual lessons was handled very well). Would recommend to anyone, especially beginners." - Lachlan

"Our daughter has made considerable progress since starting tuition with Kieran.  His calm and patient approach brings out the best in his students, in an environment where they they can feel comfortable making mistakes while learning new skills.

The group sessions, where Kieran instructs two or more students simultaneously, have been especially valuable.  Kieran plays alongside his students to give them a real understanding of what it means to play as part of an ensemble.  Our daughter has found this style of teaching to be both fun and engaging and it has encouraged her enthusiasm to practice.

Overall, we are very happy with Kieran's tuition and know that his patient approach has been very beneficial in helping our daughter to improve her guitar playing." - David

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