Retirees Class

Guitar classes for Retirees - a great way to learn a new skill while having fun - enquire to book your free trial today!

Retiree guitar classes are a fantastic way to develop a new passion, and to pursue something you may never have had the chance to, giving you the skills to be able to play the songs you grew up with!

One on one lessons are available, as well as the potential to learn with a friend, where we work on the fundamental guitar skills, while learning to play with another retiree at a fun and relaxed pace.

"As a 67-year-old retiree I never thought that I could play a musical instrument, but under Kieran’s tuition I can now read music and guitar tabs, strum chords and play tunes. It continues to be a fantastic journey." - Robert

Lessons are available Monday-Thursday between 12:00pm-4:00pm, run for half an hour and are discounted for retirees in private lessons, and even further when in a group of 2 students.

To enquire about a free trial lesson - contact Kieran here:

0402 809 077 

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"As someone who has taken up learning guitar later in life, I've been rapt in the way Kieran has gone about teaching me. His well structured program and excellent teaching methods have really set me on my way!" - Anton.