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Using a proven, structured Guitar Method and our online Practice Portal, learn the most important Guitar Skills to be able to play your favourite Pop and Rock songs! Learn how to sight-read music and how to solo using improvisation, all while using practical Music Theory to understand how it all comes together.

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The main goal of teaching at Essendon Guitar is in a practical way - teaching you skills you need to have to be able to play real songs.

Over the last 14 years we have developed a teaching method which involves learning the fundamental guitar skills step-by-step, while applying them to popular rock and pop songs along the way. Our Practice Portal - a website we built containing song videos, exercise, riff & solo recordings & backing tracks makes sure that every minute of practice at home is maximised to help see the fastest progress possible.

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"My son has been a student at Essendon Guitar for a few years. With no guitar knowledge or experience he has learnt so much in this short time. His teacher is extremely patient, always encouraging and welcoming. The lessons are fun and my son really enjoys them." - Rebecca

We specialise in helping absolute beginners, where our structured teaching method will go through all of the important fundamentals of the guitar to get you to playing your favourite songs.

If you already know a thing or two - our goal is to assess your strengths and weaknesses so we can help you get to the next level as a player, a free trial lesson will give us the chance to understand exactly what you want to learn, what you can already play, and where we can help you.

All students will have private lessons, where we introduce the main guitar skills step-by-step, including chords and picking, to start building the foundations to be able to reach your goals. Once we are seeing some confidence with these skills, there is the potential to go into a paired lesson with another student to better develop timing skills, and to apply both rhythm and lead guitar techniques while developing early performance skills and confidence. Paired lessons are dependant on availability, and are a cheaper rate than private lessons.

We also run yearly Student Concerts, where both children and adult students get the chance to perform in front of an audience - not only a fantastic experience, but a great goal throughout the year to work towards as well.

Every student is unique, and we keep a detailed track of your progress throughout our guitar lessons to appropriately plan each lesson to help you progress, while encouraging you to provide us with your goals and dream songs for us to work toward.

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Some of the artists we'll be covering in just the first few lessons:

Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Vance Joy, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Bruno Mars, Guns 'n' Roses, and heaps more!