Parents Testimonial 2Learning Guitar is a fantastic way for kids to get involved with music, and is the perfect balance of education and fun.

Our structured step-by-step method is ideal for kids to learn the fundamental skills of guitar and music at their own pace, while applying those skills to popular songs for them to enjoy.

Our approach is to blend exercises, games and music theory basics in with songs to create a fun way of learning that is engaging for kids. We also have our Practice Portal - a website we built with videos and recordings where kids can log on at home, and be guided on the perfect way to practice - helping them to stay focused, as well as make the most of practice time.

 - "The Practice Portal has been a wonderful support tool for Ethan in his practice at home. It's an engaging and safe place for him to find songs to play along with. He has come a long way with his practice since using the portal" - Therese

All students will have private lessons, where we introduce the main guitar skills step-by-step, including chords and picking. Once we are seeing some confidence with these skills, there is the potential to go into a paired lesson with another student of the same age and standard to better develop timing skills, and to apply both rhythm and lead guitar techniques while developing early performance skills and confidence. This creates a great social and team-building environment while encouraging practice. Paired lessons are dependant on availability, and are a cheaper rate than private lessons.

We also run yearly Student Concerts, where students get the chance to perform in front of an audience - not only a fantastic experience, but a great goal throughout the year to work towards as well.

Another great way to help motivation and enjoyment is to learn with a friend. We highly encourage you to seek a friend of your child that may be interested in learning as well to create the group lesson.

Regular practice is a big focus of ours, we provide all students with a practice plan to help them get into a consistent routine, and apply all our practice goals to using our online Practice Portal as well. This not only ensures that they can get the most out of each lesson, but also teaches them discipline and responsibility for their own learning.

We have guitars to use for a free trial lesson, so you don't have to buy a brand new guitar until they have had a go and want to continue. We also sell Valencia brand guitars which are perfect for kids!

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"My son has a very supportive teacher at Essendon Guitar. He is able to provide different approaches to help my son understand each exercise as he learns, I am amazed at how much he has improved in such a short time, thanks very much!" - Eiko

Here are some of our fantastic students, performing at our 2023 Student Concert!