Paired Guitar Lessons

Matching 2 similar students into a Paired Lesson creates a fun and energetic atmosphere, where students learn the crucial skills of playing with another musician, to maximise the benefits from every guitar lesson.

We will always start students with private lessons to make sure they're comfortable with the foundational guitar skills in the Introduction level of our Program, then aim to match them with another student of the same age, standard and personality to create a paired lesson.

Benefits of Paired Lessons:

  • The main goal of paired lessons is to equip students with the skills to join a band or ensemble
  • Lead & Rhythm Guitar - learning how to play with another guitarist, including their specific roles in a band situation and how to stay in time together, and compliment each other
  • Listening Skills - students need to be able to hear other musicians play and analyse their playing, helping them to see what potential goals or mistakes other students may be making, as well as use this to reflect on their own playing
  • Communication Skills - learning how to properly communicate specific musical terms to other musicians in an effective way in learning to play together
  • Performance Skills - paired lessons gives students the critical experience of playing in front of other people, giving them more confidence in their performance abilities. Our goal is to run concerts where students get to perform, so being in a paired lesson will be a huge advantage in having the experience and confidence to perform well
  • Accountability - consistently needing to play in front of another student will help to give students the drive to practice at home, to make sure they are ready to show what they've practised on every week, as well as making sure we are progressing with all the different guitar skills
  • Teamwork - the paired lesson is a great opportunity for students to work together, and a fantastic way to develop your own skills is through helping and teaching others, where time before and after lessons also provide more opportunity to help each other
  • Fun! Learning with another student is a great way to provide another exciting element to guitar lessons, to encourage friendships and enjoyment and appreciation of the guitar as well
  • Value - with a cheaper lesson cost and all of the above benefits, our aim is to provide the most value possible from a guitar lesson