Adults Testimonial

Guitar lessons available for adults of any age and standard.

If you're an absolute beginner wanting to learn the basics - my structured teaching method will go through all of the fundamentals of the guitar to get you to playing your favourite songs. As we progress through the method, you will see these skills being used for more of your favourite songs, giving you the ability to learn the songs you love yourself, from the skills we have developed.

After a private introduction for several weeks, the goal is to start a group class with another student at a similar age and standard. Here we are able to better learn timing skills and techniques involved with rhythm and lead guitar. It is also a great way to stay motivated to practice and build confidence with the guitar.

If you already know a thing or two - my goal is to assess your strengths and weaknesses so I can help you get to the next level as a player, a free trial lesson will give us the chance to understand exactly what you want to learn, what you can already play, and where I can help you.

Styles Of Guitar 2Every student is unique, and I keep a detailed track of your progress throughout our lessons to appropriately plan each lesson to help you progress, while encouraging you to provide me with your goals and dream songs for us to work toward.

Practice is of course essential to making progress on the guitar, and I will help you to develop the habit of practicing every week to maintain a steady improvement in your guitar skills. Another great motivator to practice is to learn with a friend. I highly encourage you to seek a friend who may also be interested in learning to form the group lesson.

I can teach both acoustic and electric guitar styles, and have an amp ready for lessons to use your electric guitar. I have a guitar available for you to use for a free trial lesson, so you don't have to buy a guitar before you know you want to continue.


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